Latest Past Events

Winter Camps

District Commissioners, Troop-Scouters and Pack-Scouters are urged to motivate their troops and packs to pay for the the upcoming Winter Camps taking place in the various districts. Let us all plan camps that will occupy their minds for years, we are capable of doing that after all. With support from local organisations that are willing…

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Aktion Tagwerk 2018

Each and every year, Scouting Mpumalanga is sending two volunteers to Germany. They are regional and national represents by participating in a volunteer program for 3 months called “Aktion Tagwerk” “Aktion Tagwerk” can be described as a campaign for students all over the world. The idea of the campaign is, that students in Germany are…

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Child Abuse and Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

Our first Awareness Campaign based on Child Abuse and Human Abuse will be held in Matsulu A Community Hall. We are certain that the event will be a great success as more people will be reached. We invite Matsulu Community Members to join us during the campaign as we are destined to make a change…

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