Sensitizing youth to transform communities #endGBV

Earlier this month the Mpumalanga Scout Region facilitated a Rover and Adult Leader Capacity and Team Building event with the aim of raising awareness amongst the youth in the region on how to identify GBV, how to prevent it, how to walk away from it, where to find resources and help, and how to address one’s personal stereotypes and behaviours.

Resources were developed to help them learn about GBV, with a chapter on how to run GBV themed camps with children. Additional pamphlets were written and translated so children and community members would be able to understand the information and know where and how to get help.

This initiative formed part of the Vileka Bulili project implemented under SCOUTS for SDGs global actions, thanks to the longstanding support and partnership of Alwaleed Philanthropies via the World Scout Foundation. Scouts for SDGs enables young people with skills for life and empowers them to take the lead in community development efforts to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).