You should attend the SSA Lekgotla because …

Hear it from fellow Scouter Lunga Nqini

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Lunga Nqini

“I have attended the last two Lekgotla’s. I really feel that it is very important for each and every Group to send delegates especially  youth and Scouters. Mainly, as a volunteer, I felt like I am part of the decision-making as we had a chance to submit votes in amendment of our constitution, and talk about how we move forward as a Movement. It’s also where the finance team tabulate their report and this to me showed that there is transparency .

We had a chance to hear other Regions and how they encourage adult volunteers to do better. Listening and interacting with other Scouters and DC’s is so important. Voicing obstacles or anything that might be hindering you to empower the youth members of your Group can help solve them. At Lekgotla we share ideas and get empowered by other Scouters.  Lekgotla gave me some ideas on how to improve the progress of my Group.

I loved the break away session. I think if we had the youth we would really know their ideas to get our programmes vibrant and attract more young people into our Movement.  What I like most meet is meeting new faces and making friends.”