Mpumalanga Rovers Soaring to Greater Heights

The year 2018 marks greater achievements for Mpumalanga Region as after a long time of brainstorming our ideas have started to materialize. After all this is the year 2018 is the Rovers Centenary!

From the 156th to 18th March we had our Rover Camp, at Clairefort Lodge which showed us the potential that Mpumalanga has. For some Regions this might look minor – during this camp there were two Rover Crews, these members have been in scouting for years but had overlooked the possibility of starting their own crews. What is more impressive is that Inyamazane Rover Crew and Khuphuka Rover Crew have the same vision, which is “rendering effective service to the region, scouts and cubs” as they have also benefited from their leaders as cubs and scouts.

Inyamazane Rover Crew strategising how they would like to be remembered after the camp – Inyamazane Rocks!

Khuphuka Rover Crew always create good memories for everyday spent together – no matter a difficult a situation may seem, there is always a solution !

The camp was not only attended by the two crews but other rovers that are currently based in districts and region played an important role too. Mpumalanga is fortunate to have rovers who are willing to volunteer with their time to ensure the youth in the region are served. One thing about rovers in Mpumalanga Region – they always do their best to ensure they are able to serve the region no matter how tight their work-schedule are. All this would not be happening had they not been in love with the movement: A movement that does not discriminate, a movement where friendship is formed, a movement that makes one feel they are in the right place, a movement where we get to realize our potential as individuals and a movement where one’s confidence is also built. Which other movement can offer all these, if not scouting?

The rovers are proud to say all this would not have happened had they not been grated support, motivation, knowledge and the unconditional love from their Scout Group Leaders, Akelas, Troop-Scouters, Regional Management, German Friends and our leaders at National who believe in them being capable to achieve whatever they put their minds on.

Siyabonga Mavulandlela for your commitment in the movement!