E E Camp a major success!

The weekend of April 7 to April 9 started off with a bang as we had our Environmental Education camp at Clairefort Lodge in WhiteRiver. Scouts from as far as Nkomazi district attended the camp and enjoyed the exciting bases that were catered.
Scouts explored many interesting topics over the weekend. Such as Water Purification, The four R’s and making paint with vegetables.Day one started with the flag ceremony where our Regional Commissioner Lucy Magagula and the regional team officially opened the camp.
The Scouts enjoyed a brand of activities and games which were led and facilitated by our dedicated regional team of Rovers including Vuyo Mthimkhulu, Bheki SitholeĀ and many others.
Saturday was definitely a long but very exciting day. In the words of Banele Mabila of the Nkomazi district , Saturday was “lit” and full of new experiences.
After morning constitution, the Scouts explored over 8 bases, including Recycling. The Scouts explored the effect of humans on the environment. They brainstormed ideas about how to reduce the carbon footprint and sustain our beautiful planet. They learned about recycling material instead of discarding. They also learned about the other 3 R’s that are Reduce, Reuse and Repair.
They also did water purification which was where they learned about the dangers of using impure water. After which they learned how to make water purification cans themselves modeled after the Scouts SA Environmental Education Booklet which they were all provided with upon arrival at the camp. Other bases included making fuel balls from waste as well as reusing garbage to create useful items as well as using vegetables to make paints of various beautiful colors. One of the most interesting items exhibited at the end of the base was a box wallet which was made from a milk carton. We all really enjoyed the camp and are excited to watch our Scouts implement all the wonderful ideas that our Scouts brainstormed.

Special thanks to National and our dedicated team for making the camp possible and exciting for all of us.